What to do when you are diagnosed with HIV

HIV-diagnosedHIV is one of the worst nightmares to deal with. Is not easy when you hear from a doctor “you got HIV”, your life completely change after those three awful words and questions come in mind: “How can I manage with HIV?”, “How can it affect my life?”, How can I continue to have a normal life?”.

First of all is needed to say that HIV must be treated properly, both as medical care and as general health. Medical care includes take pills on time, every time. No way to forgot them. General health includes some tips you can follow to feel better and help your body to stay healtier: quit smoking (if you do), do regular excercise (even walking is fine), eat healthy (avoid frieds, sweet drinks and limit consumption of sweets in general).

How to control psychological impact of HIV? Being diagnosed HIV is distressing and can lead very easily into depression. This is why a psychological help from a specialist or from a helpline can help a lot. Is possible to talk of this problem without any fear as on the other side there are persons who can fully inderstand what the matter is.

HIV does not prevent to have a normal life. First of all you must tell your relatives and your partner about your condition. Try to be as open and clear as possible. No law force you to inform your partner about this condition, but it is strongly recommended to do so. Law also does not force you to inform your boss about HIV (except if you work in healthcare), in this case we can say that is completely up to you what you decide to do.