How do you get HIV?

HIVHIV is a disease that can be taken in many ways, including occupational exposure. Basically, HIV virus is found into human fluids. When those fluids come in contact with your body, you are at risk to become infected. Fluids can contain higher levels of HIV virus are:

  • blood
  • breast mink
  • semen
  • pre-seminal fluids
  • vaginal fluids

Other fluids, such as urine of nasal fluids, do not contain high levels of HIV virus and a contanct whit those fluids unlikely get you infected with HIV.

How HIV virus can be trasmitted?

There are several ways to get infected by HIV. During pregnancy of breast feeding children come in contact with several fluids of the mum. If she is ill and infected with HIV virus, very likely her child will be too. Drug use is another cause of risk, especially is you enter in contact with other’s blood due to syringe share. Depending on which kind of job you do, you can be at high risk to be infected. If you work in healthcare you can be in contact with fluids from infected people, which can infect also yourself. So please be aware and pay attention. (also remember that if you work in healthcare and you are infected with HIV, you are required by law to tell your medical condition to your boss). You can also be infected due to sexual contact with an already infected person.

How can you get AIDS?

As we know, AIDS is the last stage of HIV virus. This infection became AIDS only when the virus has already destroyed most of T-cells in the human body. How long this passage takes no one knows. In certain people it can happen after several years, in others HIV can become AIDS after just few years.