HIV and AIDS, what are they?

aidsSometimes people refers to HIV and AIDS as the same condition. Well, is not a right thing to do, as they are completely different (even is the second one is related to the first one). Let’s have some clarifying words.

HIV stay for Human¬†Immunodeficiency Virus. That means HIV is a virus that can weakens human body and destroy important cells able to fight infection and desease. HIV virus seems, at a first glance, similar to other viruses (such as the flu one), with one important difference: human body can recover from a flu (thanks to our antybodies) but cannot do it from HIV, which continue to proliferate and permeate the body. Unfortunately scientists cannot still answer to the question “Why human body can’t get rid of HIV virus).

Over the time HIV virus can start to attack the immune system, which is formed by T-cells. When the virus destroyed so many of T-cells in the body, HIV lead into AIDS.

The word AIDS stand for Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome, that means it is not a single disease but a collection of symptoms and diseases. AIDS is then the final stage of HIV disease. AIDS is diagnosed when HIV virus have destroyed lots of T-cells and there is other things to do then treatments to prevent death.

What is the origin of HIV? Maybe this disease came from a kind of chimpanzee in Western Africa. In the late ‘800 humans came in contact with it and with HIV as well after having eaten its meat.

How can HIV and AIDS affect your life? They can do it in many ways, from the needs to have medical cares until to the distress related to the fact you have an incurable disease.